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Digital & Commerce

Digital & Commerce 


Mrs L Close - Head of Faculty, Mr D Fido - Head of Computer Science, Mr J Slark - Head of Business Studies,  Mr J Higgins , Mr I Ballantyne, Mr J Tucker & Mrs R Rosewell 

Our Digital and Commerce Faculty consists of our highly successful Computer Science, Media, and Business departments. As a faculty, we are future focused - preparing for the careers of today and tomorrow 

We are pleased to make further extra-curricular opportunities to stretch students, including a coding club, film screenings, the BBC report day, and a variety of speakers from within industry.  In the summer, the Media department holds a popular Showcase evening.   


All students study Computing in years 7 - 9 The subject equips students for the digital world. Technology is all around us, and it is important to understand how it works, and the way it impacts on society. Skills gained include problem solving, logical thinking, and developing digital literacy.

Curriculum Summary

Year 7


Year 8

Year 9

In year 9 students particpate in the Digital and Commerce Carousel where they study Computing, Business Studies and Media Studies for a term each, helping them make their GCSE option choices.


GCSE Business (AQA) 

GCSE Computer Science (AQA) 

Cambridge National Creative iMedia (OCR) - Year 10 and 11 

Cambridge National Creative iMedia (OCR) - New specification for first teaching Sept 2022 

GCSE Media Studies (Eduqas) 


A Level Business Studies (AQA) 

A Level Computer Science (OCR) 

A Level Economics

A Level Film Studies (Eduqas) 

A Level Media Studies (Eduqas) 

Cambridge Technical Business Certificate or Extended Certificate (OCR) 

Cambridge Technical Digital Media Certificate or Extended Certificate (OCR) 

Subject Information


  • Computing
  • Business Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Creative iMedia